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Cornerstone Rules
Cornerstone Policies
Grounds for Termination
1 - Please leave all gum, candy, and toys at home. Nap time items only.

2 - We do not allow children with communicable diseases in the center. Symptoms including diarrhea/ sore throat/ vomiting/ fevers above 101 degrees must go home. (We abide by state regulations)

3 - Children with increasing amounts of nasal drainage or colored nasal drainage must go home.
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4 - If your child does not adjust to our program or irresolvable problems occur atany time we reserve the right to withdraw him or her from our program.

5 - Although we request cooperation in not disturbing our program, parents are permitted access to any parts of this center at anytime their child is present.

6 - Blankets and seasonal clothing must be labeled, including jackets and sweaters.

7 - All belongings must be labeled and packed in a labeled carrying bag.


9 - NO NIT/LICE Policy.

Jackie Policies:
1. The center enrolls children 4 weeks through 12 years of age.

2. In event of long term electrical power loss which affects heat supply, parents will be called to pick up children. In the event of temporary loss of water, bottle water will be purchased to be used for drinking and other needs until the water is restored.

3. In the event of bomb threat, gas leak, or structural damage, children will be
evacuated from the building, and authorities will be notified.

4. In the event of severe weather or fire, the emergency procedures posted will be taken, as posted in each classroom.

5. This center is a smoke free center.

6. No staff nor others are allowed in the center who knowingly have contagious diseases or present symptoms of fever/diarrhea.

7. Children will be excluded from the center who have nits/lice or have been diagnosed with a communicable disease as defined posted in the center. Child will be admitted according to its recommendations.

8. In the event of serious injury, loss of a child, or death of a child, emergency personnel (911) and parents will be called and if necessary by medical personnel, child will be transported to a hospital. Until medical personnel arrives, first aid will be administered by a staff member. A staff member will not impede delivery of emergency care/service.

9. Disciplinary action used to correct a child's behavior, guidance techniques, and activities in which the children participate or observe at the center shall not be detrimental to the physical or mental health of any child. Time away from the group is our preliminary disciplinary technique. No type of corporal punishment will be used for disciplinary purpose with your child nor will punishment be associated with food, napping nor toileting. No loud profane or abusive language will be used and no threats or derogatory remarks will be made to or about your child or his/her family.

10. Each child (including infants) must have a labeled change of clothing suitable for current weather conditions, to be left in the center at all times.

11. A labeled sheet or blanket for covering up should be provided for naptime. This item may be left in the child's cube, but should be taken every Friday for washing.

12. Parents of infants all items (including pacifiers & bottles) must be labeled with your child's first and last name along with current date.

13. A written feeding plan is required to be furnished by the parent for any infant under one year of age. The plan should include information about the time and quantities of food and beverage to be offered to the child. Parents should periodically update the feeding plan.

14. Our staff is required to report any suspected child abuse, neglect, exploitation, or deprivation to the Department of Family and Children Services. Our staff is also required to report any suspected case of noticeable communicable disease to the local county health department.

15. All parents have access to the following information: Business License, Copy of O.S.R. Rules and Regulations, Current Evaluation Report, Communicable Disease Chart, Statement of Parental Access, names of person in charge, current weekly menus, emergency plans for severe weather and fire, and a statement of visitors.

16. Children are accepted in the center who will profit from group experiences in this setting. If it is determined that the child will not profit, from this service, other arrangements must be made. If a child repeatedly behaves in a verbally or physically abusive manner to another child or to an adult, the parents may be asked to pick up the child from the center immediately, and may be asked to withdraw the child.

17. Food exceptions are not made for individual children except in the case of allergies, or a special diet prescribed by a physician and provided by the parents.

18. A one week written notice of withdrawal is required.

19. This agreement may be changed with a two week notice.

20. Our services are available without discrimination on the basis of political affiliation, religion, race, color, sex, mental or physical handicap, national origin, or age.

22. Bright from the Start requires that a child be restricted from the center for 24-hours after being sent home with a communicable disease. A doctor's note is also required if requested by the center when the child is picked up.

Termination of enrollment by Cornerstone may be the result of the following:
1 - Non-payment of tuition (immediate termination)
2 - Abuse of children, staff, or property
3 - Disruptive or dangerous behavior
4 - The center's inability to meet the child's needs
5 - Continued violation of Cornerstone policies by student's or parents

Whenever possible, notification of one week will be provided to the parent in the event of termination of enrollment. Parents will be responsible for any legal or collection fees incurred in settling delinquent accounts.

Termination of enrollment by parent requires one week written notice prior to withdrawal from the center. We will charge tuition if notice is not given.